What Lefkada really tastes like

Discover the authentic flavors of Lefkada through our dishes, which celebrate the abundance of fresh and pure ingredients sourced from the island’s fertile land and sea. In Monato, we create strong collaborations with local producers who share our dedication to quality. Together, we bring you a culinary experience that showcases Lefkada’s true essence.

In every bite, you will taste the love, passion, and expertise, our local producers pour into their craft. From the extra virgin olive oil to the succulent seafood caught from the crystal-clear waters, each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure that you experience the authentic taste of the island.

Our team of chefs transform these exceptional ingredients into dishes that tell a story of Lefkada’s gastronomic heritage or share a feeling. With every plate we serve, we aim to transport you to the island’s heart, where the essence of its culinary traditions is beautifully captured. To show you what Lefkada really tastes like.

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